Why Buy from Bud&Bloom Farm

You might be wondering "Why would you buy from Bud&Bloom Farm" when there are literally 100's and 1000's of online and physical CBD stores to choose from.

The answer is simple - Yes there are many reputable (and some not so reputable) CBD sellers in the market place and below are some of the reasons we would like for you to consider in choosing us-


Family Farm-

A Farm run by a small family of 5 - Father, Mother, and three daughters together working the land for the benefit of people, pets, and the environment. Serving the community in the best agrarian way possible.


Grown and harvested in the foothills of Western North Carolina-

Growing only the best strains naturally, organically, ethically, and sustainably without harsh chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides in the fertile land of the foothills of Western North Carolina Isothermal Belt. Each plant is evaluated for maturity and Hand harvested carefully for optimal potency and benefit.


Dried and Cured naturally in optimal conditions-

The harvest is dried and cured in the best natural conditions - Not too hot and not too fast - just the right prescriptions and protocols to preserve the integrity of the medicine the plant has to offer.


Processed in the farming community where the harvest never leaves the farm-

To preserve the integrity of the process and the product further our dried and cured raw material never leaves our local farm community and is processed with the watchful eyes of experts who are devoted to extracting the very best the plant has to offer eliminating any chance of contamination and mishandling.


Third party tested for purity and potency-

Each processed batch is third party tested and results are posted so you can be sure to have the purity and potency in each product and more importantly whats not in it such as harsh chemicals, carcinogens, pesticides, and other contaminations you do not desire.


Carefully Handcrafted and Custom Blended on the farm with Organic ingredients-

Each product is handmade following strictest of safe manufacturing practices using the best of organic ingredients and essential oils in blends that work synergistically to deliver the best combination for your particular needs.


Supporting small farm and thriving economy-

When you purchase a specialty hand crafted product from Bud&Bloom Farm - you will be supporting a small family farm and the thriving local economy - keeping the finances and valuable resources in the local community.


Avoid being scammed-

Knowing where your product is grown, harvested, processed, manufactured, and sold will give you the power and peace of mind to purchase confidently without fear of not knowing and uncertainty. We make sure you get the best CBD product at a fair price that will meet and exceeds your expectations. Straight from our Farm to your hand for your Health and Wellness!


** Thank you for your Support!! **

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