About Us

Our Brand - 

Our Brand is defined by the integrity and restorative healing power of our botanicals.  Nature is brilliant and rebirth and renewal--we see it every season at the farm.  That is why our full botanical 

formulations are the most potent and powerful.  Rejuvenating, restoring and nurturing yourself begins--Here. 



Our Products-


Through deeply considered formulation and testing, we developed our roll-on serums to target specific life and bodily needs.  These custom 24-hour formulations are designed for optimal life needs.  On the go or during down time.


At the foundation of our formulations is our Bud & Bloom Farm Blend.  Consisting of select varieties of hemp strains, Cherry Wine, Suver Haze, and Baox, that are optimal for powerhouse nutrient dense whole-plant, wellness.


We cultivate, slow infuse, and carefully blend with additional organic carrier oils and essential oils to holistically care for your mind and body without synthetics or chemicals.  Our formulations are inspired by a powerful teacher--Nature.  What we we create embraces the life-enhancing, sustainable and wholesome rituals of Natural Healthcare!