About CBD


CBD oil has taken the wellness world by storm. Every day, thousands more discover its many uses and experience the positive benefits of daily CBD servings.

Yet, you’re still a little skeptical. You’re worried that hemp is tied to marijuana, and that you’ll break the law or get “high,” or that the whole thing is just too good to be true. You’re probably thinking to yourself — “What is CBD oil and why should I take it?”

What is Hemp Oil Good For?

Derived from the stalk and seed of cannabis (hemp) plants, hemp oil is a natural botanical concentrate that is high in the compound CBD.

Pure hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis varieties that are naturally abundant in CBD, and low in THC, which means that taking hemp oil will NOT get you high. It’s safe and legal for everyone to take, from toddlers to grandparents.

Pure hemp CBD oil can be consumed directly on its own. Over the years, great advances in hemp oil product development have led to what are now dozens of different types of hemp oil products, including capsules, drops, and even chewing gum. Concentrated pure hemp oil can also be infused into skin and body care products and used topically.

Our understanding of cannabis oil has expanded and we’re more aware today than ever of the cannabinoid’s potential. Studies on the natural health benefits are extensive and groundbreaking research is being done regularly. We suggest you review the wide body of scientific research to get a better understanding of the CBD’s health value.

The Endocannabinoid System

There are a number of reasons to take a daily serving of CBD from hemp oil products. But, the most prominent among them is that a hemp oil product helps augment the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids, increasing the body’s ability to promote balance within its systems.

When absorbed by the body, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis through the manipulation of a number of the body’s natural functions – including mood, sleep, appetite, and immune response.

The ECS is a network of cannabinoid receptors found in the brains and abdominal organs of mammals. The ECS predominantly consists of two endocannabinoid receptors: CB1, located in the central nervous system, and CB2, found throughout the peripheral nervous system.

Mostly located in the brain and spinal cord, CB1 receptors combine with the brain’s nerve cells to help regulate the body’s biochemistry. Both endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids bind to these receptor points and to control the passage of proteins between cells.

CB2 receptors are mostly found on white blood cells, the tonsils, and the spleen. Cannabinoids that bind to these sites act to modulate immune system response. Research into the CB2 receptor has shown that cannabidiol may have some influence in balancing the body’s internal systems.

Benefits of CBD

As a nutrition source, hemp is almost perfect in its makeup. Hemp oil contains nutritious materials such as omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes, vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids, and antioxidants.

CBD itself is also a powerful antioxidant and when combined with essential oils and our unique herbal blend, daily use can nourish and hydrate your body and replenish critical resources lost throughout the day. By providing such unique nutritional content, CBD hemp oil earns a place among your other favorite wellness products to give to your family each day.

What Are Some Ways I Can Take CBD?

Because of the way CBD acts in the body, it has many potential uses and different applications. CBD oil can be taken orally, rubbed on the skin, can be inhaled as a vapor, and even mixed with many items used daily to create a new concoction. A hemp oil product can offer more than just pure CBD. Different hemp oil products can provide natural essential nutrients too, like vitamins and minerals, omega fatty acids, proteins, flavonoids, and terpenes. Adding these essential nutrients, often missing from our modern diets, is just one more reason to add a hemp oil product to your routine.

CBD for Older Adults


CBD is non-psychoactive and doesn’t produce the euphoric effect of THC. Which means seniors can breathe easy while benefiting from the positive effects of CBD. With so many people reaching retirement age or older in this country, it is increasingly important to offer our Baby Boomers with a healthy product to encourage robust aging. CBD hemp oil can be used positively in the lives of seniors to create homeostasis with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for functions like sleep, appetite, and immune response.



CBD for athletes


Many athletes believe it does! CBD also packs a nutritional wallop. Many athletes keep CBD oil products in their gym bags to add it to their workout shakes and smoothies as part of their nutritional and recovery programs. There are a number of products made with CBD isolate that are available on the market, which provide the benefits of CBD any detectable amounts of THC, and they are popular products of choice for parents of small children, competitive athletes, or anyone looking to avoid even trace amounts of THC.

CBD for Pets


Hemp oil with CBD has become the product of choice for many to give to their pets because it is non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and highly tolerable in animals.

Note: Please do not feed your dog any products that contain large amounts of THC. With more receptors in their smaller brains, animals are much more susceptible to the effects of THC and can easily experience nausea, vomiting, dehydration, severe disorientation, and loss of bladder control.

Add CBD to Your Health Routine

With Bud & Bloom, our line of CBD hemp oil products varies in CBD concentration, route of administration, and price so that you can find the one that best fits your needs.

For the highest concentration of CBD, products like our flagship brand 2000mg gives you up to 66mg of CBD per serving. The oral applicator makes it easy to precisely measure out your ideal serving. Most consumers prefer to place the viscous oil directly under the tongue so that CBD and other active compounds are absorbed quickly.

If you like the idea of blending your CBD product into your favorite foods — like smoothies, salads, and even your morning coffee — our MCT oil based liquids could be a good option. In a hurry? The CBD liquids can be taken by themselves also.

Hemp-derived CBD oil products are available to purchase in the United States, regardless of a prescription, and in over 40 countries worldwide. Get started with CBD today by visiting our Bud&Blooom Farm shop.